Dennis v0.3.10 released! Fixes, status subcommand and Zombie!

Note: This is an old post in a blog with a lot of posts. The world has changed, technologies have changed, and I've changed. It's likely this is out of date and not representative. Let me know if you think this is something that needs updating.

What is it?

Dennis is a Python command line utility (and library) for working with localization. It includes:

  • a linter for finding problems in strings in .po files

  • a statuser for seeing the high-level status of your .po files

  • a translator for strings .po files

v0.3.10 released!

v0.3.8 fixed mismatched errors in plural strings. Thanks Mike!

v0.3.9 fixed two false positives in error detection.

v0.3.10 adds the status subcommand and the Zombie transform which, like the dubstep transform, is silly but fun.


SUMO ... in Zombie!

45 out of 47 Djangonauts use the Zombie transform to make their site accessible to those who have departed. This could open up your app to millions of new users. Truth.

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