Dev call 11/11/2009 minutes

Note: This is an old post in a blog with a lot of posts. The world has changed, technologies have changed, and I've changed. It's likely this is out of date and not representative. Let me know if you think this is something that needs updating.


2.5.4 status

  • Work is going well. There's a new bug that we should look into. But we've done RC builds and we're sending notes to users who are having problems with 12101 in hopes they'll test.

  • If things go well, we'll probably do a release in a week.


  • Did most of the implementation for subtitle support in VLC with Miro on Windows. Doesn't have a Windows build environment, so he's passing this off to Ben or Will to finish up on Windows.

  • Hoping to have the repository changes done asap.


  • Keeping tabs on 2.5.4 rc1 testing progress.

  • Helped prisioner on IRC get Miro building on Windows with mingw32. Keeping tabs on that progress with the hope that we can switch from building with Visual Studio 2003 to mingw32.

  • Planning to do the big repository filtering today.

  • Planning to take on the subtitles in VLC on Windows work for Luc


  • Did a bunch of 2.5.4 work.

  • Finished the fasttypes removal work.

  • Got some more data on 12301. Going to look into it to see if there's anything we can divulge from it.


  • 2.5.4 rc1 looks good except for bug 12426.

  • Continued working on building the test infrastructure for Miro Community. Has two volunteers helping with building test cases.


  • Working on Miro Community features: html editing for comments, fixing the submit a video flow, added an RSS feed for categories, ...

  • Back to working on Miro Community bugs.


  • Morgan is going to work on another theme for Miro Community.

  • Working on making Miro Community easier to modify.


  • 11 bugs/feature-requests created

  • 1 bugs marked DUPLICATE

  • 7 bugs marked FIXED


Are these reports useful to anyone? No one has commented, no one has mentioned them on IRC or email, ... If they're not useful and no one is reading them, then I should be spending my time elsewhere.

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