Dev call 11/10/2010

Note: This is an old post in a blog with a lot of posts. The world has changed, technologies have changed, and I've changed. It's likely this is out of date and not representative. Let me know if you think this is something that needs updating.

Miro 3.5.1 status (roadmap)

  • still working on it

Miro 4.0 status (roadmap)

  • working on audio file metadata retrieval, storage, and ui

  • working on device syncing

  • working on performance enhancements for startup and displaying tabs

  • working on extension framework

  • switching testing from eggplant to sikuli


  • device syncing is looking good and is probably ready to land

  • automated syncing of feeds doesn't quite work, yet, but it's getting there


  • got some MC work done--keeps bumping into access issues and other roadblocks

  • wants to spend time with infrastructure to make things a lot easier going forward: deployment scripts, ...


  • finished up the documentation I needed to do

  • got most of the things in my queue done

  • working on 3.5.1 bugs and moving build boxes upstairs


  • started adding metadata items to the list view

  • we need to figure out how to add metadata items to the item view, too


  • did a lot of bug fixing on OSX

  • worked on importing itunes data into Miro


  • started testing on new OSX version for MVC

  • testing Miro 3.5.1 bug fixes

  • worked on Miro Community documentation and testing

  • worked on Universal Subtitles documentation and testing

  • Litmus is broken--sent emails to admin, but haven't heard anything from it

  • one PC broke (Ubuntu and Windows 7 and Windows Vista and Windows XP) and eggplant tests


  • worked on 3.5.1 bug fixes

  • fixed a bunch of playback issues

  • having a hell of a time tracking the VLC crash problem down

Official business:

  • talked about coding standards/conventions/etc; we have a document and it needs some additional bits covering utf-8/unicode/filename handling

  • talked about swapping out flashscraper for vidscraper for Miro 4.0; this would fix the problem where downloading a single item from YouTube and other video hosting sites doesn't get useful metadata; it should get done, but probably in January

  • talked about how to notify the user about things they can do with Miro in a context-specific way

  • Miro is developed by a community of people including you! If you can't contribute your time and work, please consider contributing funding by donating. Your money goes directly to ongoing development of Miro and related projects. See for more details on these projects.

  • Did you know there's a Miro User Manual? If you haven't looked at it yet, it's worth taking a look at. You can find it at

Bugzilla stats for Miro:

  • 49 bugs/feature-requests created

  • 1 bugs marked WORKSFORME

  • 3 bugs marked INVALID

  • 8 bugs marked DUPLICATE

  • 2 bugs marked WONTFIX

  • 18 bugs marked FIXED

  • 4 bugs marked INCOMPLETE

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