Dev call June 8th, 2011

Note: This is an old post in a blog with a lot of posts. The world has changed, technologies have changed, and I've changed. It's likely this is out of date and not representative. Let me know if you think this is something that needs updating.

Miro status

  • 4.0.2 roadmap

  • 4.1 roadmap

  • we're going to keep working on Miro 4.0.2 for another week or two

  • we're starting work on Miro 4.1


  • 4.0.2 is going pretty well. There are still a few blockers, but most things are in a nearly done state.


  • worked on improvements to sidebar and continuous playback support.

  • worked on gzip/deflate support for feeds

  • going to switch to 4.1 development


  • worked on fixing a series of nits for 4.0.2


  • worked on unit tests for metadata


  • worked on 4.0.2 testing

  • continuing to work on regression testing and updating test systems


  • finished Miro User Manual updates

  • almost done overhauling our Ubuntu packaging to make it easier to be easier to deal with

  • sent Steven a contributor assignment form

  • started working on the overhaul of Miro on Windows

Order of business:

  • 4.0.2: Fix anything important, but this is probably our last point release for the 4 series. We're pretty close to having blockers finished.

  • 4.1: We have a lot of clean-up work that we want to do, but probably can only work through some of it for 4.1. So we talked about doing theme-focused clean-up similar to what we've done on previous releases and clean up things related to things we're working on.

  • Miro is developed by a community of people including you! If you can't contribute your time and work to development, testing, and translations, please consider contributing funding by donating. Your money goes directly to ongoing development of Miro and related projects like Miro Community and Universal Subtitles. See for more details on these projects.

  • Did you know there's a Miro User Manual? If you haven't looked at it yet, it's worth taking a look at. You can find it at .

Bugzilla stats for Miro for the last week:

  • 58 bugs/feature-requests created

  • 4 bugs marked WORKSFORME

  • 1 bugs marked INVALID

  • 2 bugs marked ---

  • 8 bugs marked DUPLICATE

  • 5 bugs marked WONTFIX

  • 19 bugs marked FIXED

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