June 3rd chat -- follow-up and some more answers

Note: This is an old post in a blog with a lot of posts. The world has changed, technologies have changed, and I've changed. It's likely this is out of date and not representative. Let me know if you think this is something that needs updating.

I was the Q&A person for the June 3rd chat yesterday and I thought I'd post some follow-up and answer some of the questions we didn't get to.


First off, I thought the chat went well and it was neat to talk to a bunch of people I'd probably never talked to before. It seems that the predominant theme was "when are features landing?" and "what's coming up?" It's a little hard to answer those questions because I've been pretty focused on the next release that I haven't been involved in planning beyond that.

Now to answer some questions that we didn't have time for.

How long have you worked for PCF? What did you do before Miro?

I've been working at PCF since August 2007. This is in many ways my dream job with my only issue being that I wished I either earned a bit more money or had a lower cost of living. Other than that, I'm doing what I love doing, I get to hang out with some really great people, and the stuff we're working on is really important to me.

I'm going to assume "What did you do before Miro?" means "What did you do before working at PCF?" Prior to PCF, I spent 2 years getting a Masters at Northeastern University CCIS in programming language design/theory and software engineering. Prior to that, I worked in the financial services industry at ByAllAccounts, I worked as a contractor for Tallan at Ingram Micro on their international web-site system, and various other software developer positions before that. I've been programming for probably 20 years now in various forms, but this is my first FOSS job and the first job where I've worked with XULRunner and GNU/Linux-stack components like Gtk+, GStreamer, Xine, Glade, DBus, Glib, GObject, ... It's been great!

shoestring: Video metadata: any plans to see miro actually writing it to the files/being able to edit it?

We've talked about making ui changes to allow for changing "metadata" of content, specifically name, filename, tags, ... It hasn't happened yet, though. I think it's one of many things waiting for the great widget overhaul.

Miro can export feed information to OPML format, but this doesn't include metadata about content. I don't know offhand if there are plans to add that or not. There are plans on building an API to allow programs like MythTV and Elisa and other systems like that access to Miro data. That hasn't happened yet, either. In this case, I think it just needs someone to work on it.

Evan: Is it possible to install miro without bittorrent? I know this question is weird, but in some (many?) companies bittorrent is banned ... yet the company is ok with limited internet video usage.

We don't have builds that don't have bittorrent in them. It would take some work to decouple Miro from libtorrent and/or disable it and then it sounds like we'd have to provide a separate set of libtorrent-less builds. I don't think that's a bad idea, but I don't think it's going to happen without a champion who can do the work.

will: (seed question) What do you do when you're not working on Miro-related things?

A little silly answering my own seed questions, but ... so it goes.

Lately all I've been doing is Miro-related things. We're pushing really hard on the next release. We're really excited about it and we think it's another big milestone in Miro's life.

This year, I'm a backup admin for GSoC for the PSF thought I haven't actually had to do much (yet).

I've been trying to finish up work on version 2.0 of PyBlosxom for the last 6 months but haven't found time and energy to get there. I've been able to make some progress, but it seems to be on a permanent back-seat.

I'd really like to help Mozilla on their embedding efforts. I'd also really like to get more involved in gstreamer, Python 3000 and a bunch of other projects.


I think that's about it. Given that the chat went pretty well all things considered, there will probably be another one in the future and probably more after that.

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