status: week ending 12/4/2007

Note: This is an old post in a blog with a lot of posts. The world has changed, technologies have changed, and I've changed. It's likely this is out of date and not representative. Let me know if you think this is something that needs updating.

I've been super busy this past week.

I spent the brunt of my time on the Firefox patch. I've solved most of bug 303645, though the output isn't pretty and it doesn't support Yahoo's MRSS or iTunes enclosures. I think I'll have it figured out in the next couple of days and submitted to the Mozilla folks. Once I've populated the enclosures and they're available in the FeedWriter, I can work on what we really want to do. I still need to figure out how to associate applications with different feed types. Mozilla froze the trunk today for the upcoming beta 2, so none of the changes I've done will be available until beta 3 at the earliest.

I spent several hours looking for enhancements or bugs that lend themselves to being small 1-5 day tasks for high school/college level people in the PSF section of the GHOP. I didn't find any that I thought were promising. This is a bit unfortunate as it'd give us some good exposure, gets us some help, and would be good for the project. Still, there's a certain amount of work that would need to be done to be part of the GHOP. The contest lasts until February, so I'm hoping I can figure something out before the end.

On Friday, Dean and I talked with Henri of CivicActions. They work with clients who produce content and we talked about various directions our groups can take to help each other. He's particularly interested in how Miro could interact with mobile and embedded devices. I'm pretty interested in that, too. I plan on working on that when I get a Nokia n810. I've written about that in previous posts.

Also, I've been working with Nathan of Creative Commons to get Miro to understand and work with licensing metadata (bug 9077). He's done most of the work so far; I've been providing feedback and working out the implementation issues. This is really useful since it allows content producers to embed licensing data in the feeds that Miro will display to users viewing the content.

And I've spent some time doing bug triage and talking with users about various issues, mostly related to packaging.

Current deadlines:

The CreativeCommons birthday is 12/15, so we need to have the 9077 work done by then.

The Mozilla folks told us that we need to get the patch done before the end of the month.

We were thinking of doing a Miro 1.1 release mid-month. I want to fix the packaging scripts so that we can name tags and branches Miro-x.y instead of Democracy-Player-x.y. I'll probably look into that later this week.

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