Input: 2015q1 quarter in review

Note: This is an old post in a blog with a lot of posts. The world has changed, technologies have changed, and I've changed. It's likely this is out of date and not representative. Let me know if you think this is something that needs updating.

We got a lot of stuff done in 2015q1--it was a busy quarter.

Things to know:

  • Input is Mozilla's product feedback site.

  • Fjord is the code that runs Input.

  • We maintain project details and plans at

  • I am Will Kahn-Greene and I'm the tech lead, architect, QA and primary developer on Input.

This is the quarter in review!

Bugzilla and git stats

Quarter 2015q1 (2015-01-01 -> 2015-03-31)


Bugs created: 73
Creators: 7

         Will Kahn-Greene [:willkg] : 67
     Gregg Lind (User Advocacy - He : 1
                  Shashishekhar H M : 1
              Matt Grimes [:Matt_G] : 1
           Mark Banner (:standard8) : 1
                         deshrajdry : 1
                      L. Guruprasad : 1

Bugs resolved: 97

                            WONTFIX : 13
                              FIXED : 82
                          DUPLICATE : 1
                         INCOMPLETE : 1

                         Tracebacks : 4
                           Research : 2
                            Tracker : 6

Research bugs: 2

    1124412: [research] evaluate SUMO search APIs for best results
        given a piece of feedback

Tracker bugs: 6

    907871: [tracker] add analytics infrastructure and reports to
    967037: [tracker] add classifier page to Firefox OS feedback form
    968230: [tracker] capture carrier in Firefox OS form
    1092280: [tracker] heartbeat v2 (Input-specific changes)
    1104932: [tracker] about:support support tracker
    1130599: [tracker] Alerts phase 1

Resolvers: 6

         Will Kahn-Greene [:willkg] : 65
                      L. Guruprasad : 16
     Ricky Rosario [:rrosario, :r1c : 7
                             aokoye : 5
                            mgrimes : 2
                         deshrajdry : 2

Commenters: 22

                             willkg : 579
                           rrosario : 25
                         deshrajdry : 10
                            mcooper : 10
                          lgp171188 : 10
                            mgrimes : 9
                                cww : 8
                              glind : 8
                         adnan.ayon : 6
                             aokoye : 4
                               robb : 4
                            brnet00 : 3
                          mozaakash : 2
                        John99-bugs : 2
                           chofmann : 2
                            bwalker : 1
                              laura : 1
                          standard8 : 1
                    shashishekharhm : 1
                          christian : 1
                            fwenzel : 1
                          dlucian93 : 1


Total commits: 276

      Will Kahn-Greene :   224  (+11000, -9452, files 743)
         Ricky Rosario :    22  (+875, -5382, files 159)
         L. Guruprasad :    20  (+459, -202, files 119)
            Adam Okoye :     3  (+105, -6, files 6)
               deshraj :     3  (+30, -17, files 5)
         ricky rosario :     2  (+150, -46, files 21)
         Michael Kelly :     1  (+1, -1, files 2)
      Adrian Gaudebert :     1  (+10, -3, files 2)

Total lines added: 12630
Total lines deleted: 15109
Total files changed: 1057


    Adam Okoye
    Adrian Gaudebert
    Gregg Lind (User Advocacy - Heartbeat - Test Pilot)
    L. Guruprasad
    Mark Banner (:standard8)
    Matt Grimes [:Matt_G]
    Michael Kelly
    Ricky Rosario
    Shashishekhar H M
    Will Kahn-Greene

Code line counts:

2014q1: April 1st, 2014:        15195 total  6953 Python
2014q2: July 1st, 2014:         20456 total  9247 Python
2014q3: October 7th. 2014:      23466 total  11614 Python
2014q4: December 31st, 2014:    30158 total  13615 Python
2015q1: April 1st, 2015:        28977 total  12623 Python

Input finally shrunk, though this is probably due to switching from the South migration system to the Django 1.7 migration system and in the process of doing that ditching most of our old migration code.

Contributor stats

L Guruprasad worked through 16 bugs this quarter--that's awesome!

Adam worked on the Thank You page overhaul. It's not quite done, but it's in a good place--I'll be finishing up that work in 2015q2.

Ricky finished up the Django 1.7 update just in time for Django 1.8 to be released. In doing that work, we cleaned up a lot of code, shed a bunch of dependencies and are in a much better place in regards to technical debt. Yay!

Thank you to everyone who contributed!


Django 1.7 upgrade: We upgraded to Django 1.7. That's a big deal since Django 1.8 was just released so Django 1.6 isn't supported anymore. Django 1.7 has a new migration system, so there was a lot of work required to upgrade Input.

Heartbeat v2: We did most of Heartbeat v2 in 2014q4, however it didn't really launch until 2015q1. We did a bunch of work to tweak things for the release.

Alerts v1: We added an Alerts API. Input collects a variety of feedback-type data. After several discussions, we decided that it was a better idea to have alert systems live outside of Input, but push alert events to Input. This allows us to develop alert emitting systems faster because they're outside of the Input development process. Further, it relaxes implementation details. The Alerts API has GET and POST abilities and lets us capture and report on arbitrary alert events.

Alerts API.

Remote troubleshooting data capture: We finished this work in 2015q1. It's now rolled out for specific products and in all locales.

Remote troubleshooting data capture project plan.

12 Factor App: At some point, we're going to move Input to AWS. In the process of doing that, we're going to change how Input is configured and deployed and switch to a 12-factor-app-friendly model. I spent a good portion this quarter cleaning things up and redoing configuration so it's more 12-factor-app-compliant.

There's still some work to do, but it'll be easier to do as we're in the process of switching to AWS and know more about how the infrastructure is going to be structured.

12 Factor App.

Snow removal: I live next town over from Lowell, MA, USA. We got 118 inches of snow this winter the bulk of which came in a 6-week period where it pretty much snowed every three days. It was exhausting.

I did a lot of shoveling, but never really solved the problem. However, it did subside after a while and now it's gone.

Snow removal.


2015q1 went by really fast and we got a lot of stuff done and we worked through a lot of technical debt, too. It was a good quarter.

Update April 21st, 2015

LGuruprasad found a bug in the script that caused commits-by-author information to be wrong. Fixed the script and updated the stats!

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