Input: 2015q2 quarter in review

Note: This is an old post in a blog with a lot of posts. The world has changed, technologies have changed, and I've changed. It's likely this is out of date and not representative. Let me know if you think this is something that needs updating.

2015q2 was a bit slower bug-count-wise than 2015q1, but we got some important things accomplished.

Things to know:

  • Input is Mozilla's product feedback site.

  • Fjord is the code that runs Input.

  • We maintain project details and plans at

  • I am Will Kahn-Greene and I'm the tech lead, architect, QA and primary developer on Input.

This is the quarter in review for Mozilla Input!

Bugzilla and git stats

Quarter 2015q2 (2015-04-01 -> 2015-07-01)


Bugs created: 56
Creators: 4

         Will Kahn-Greene [:willkg] : 49
     Ricky Rosario [:rrosario, :r1c : 3
               Chris Lonnen :lonnen : 2
                      L. Guruprasad : 2

Bugs resolved: 40

                            WONTFIX : 1
                              FIXED : 38
                            INVALID : 1

                         Tracebacks : 1
                           Research : 1
                            Tracker : 2

Research bugs: 1

    1133774: [research] figure out how to track performance of new
        thank you page

Tracker bugs: 2

    1107729: [tracker] 12-factor app compliance
    1161144: [tracker] suggest framework

Resolvers: 4

         Will Kahn-Greene [:willkg] : 28
     Ricky Rosario [:rrosario, :r1c : 7
                      L. Guruprasad : 3
                             willkg : 2

Commenters: 9

                             willkg : 249
                           rrosario : 19
                          lgp171188 : 6
                             aokoye : 5
                            mgrimes : 3
                       chris.lonnen : 2
                             mverdi : 2
                                cww : 1
                            mcooper : 1


Total commits: 169

      Will Kahn-Greene :   144  (+10554, -8021, files 596)
         Ricky Rosario :    18  (+734, -434, files 53)
         L. Guruprasad :     7  (+546, -220, files 20)

Total lines added: 11834
Total lines deleted: 8675
Total files changed: 669


    Chris Lonnen :lonnen
    L. Guruprasad
    Ricky Rosario [:rrosario, :r1cky]
    Will Kahn-Greene [:willkg]

Code line counts:

2014q1: April 1st, 2014:        15195 total  6953 Python
2014q2: July 1st, 2014:         20456 total  9247 Python
2014q3: October 7th. 2014:      23466 total  11614 Python
2014q4: December 31st, 2014:    30158 total  13615 Python
2015q1: April 1st, 2015:        28977 total  12623 Python
2015q2: July 13th, 2015:        29549 total  13572 Python

Input didn't grow a lot this quarter. Plus the rest of the numbers are lower than the previous quarter. This is in large part to us working on several big projects that took a long time to work through and didn't result in a lot of code. In the previous quarter, we worked through a lot of littler bugs.

Contributor stats

L Guruprasad redid the pre-commit linting infrastructure and added support for editorconfig both of which are super helpful.

Ricky worked on the Django 1.8 upgrade, but we couldn't finish because we got blocked on other people.


Suggest framework: We have a new suggestion framework that we'll use for providing users leaving feedback with links that help them with problems they're probably leaving feedback about, getting additional help and other things. So far, we've only implemented a SUMO Search suggester, but we have a trigger-keyword suggester in the works for 2015q3 and ideas for others.

Suggest framework

Thank you page suggestions: We implemented the infrastructure for a suggester system and also built the first suggester to use it. This suggesters looks at sad feedback for en-US locale for the Firefox product and runs it through a SUMO search to see if there are relevant KB articles. It then displays the top 3 scoring articles to the user on the Thank You page.

Thank you page overhaul: phase 1

A lot of thinking went into this. I think it was a big success.

Thank you page project writeup

Lots of upgrades and rewritings to make way for Django 1.8: We're still using Django 1.7, but there are only a few blocking items before we can upgrade to Django 1.8.

Amongst other things, this work involved upgrading to django-rest-framework 3 which involved rewriting a lot of our API code, fixing our celery infrastructure, ditching tower, upgrading django-browserid, fixing django-waffle and a few other things.

Switch to py.test: We switched from nose to py.test this quarter. This is nice because now we're using py.test for both our unit tests and our smoketests. The tests take the same time to run--no performance changes. The error output is a lot nicer and the skip/xfail infrastructure is super.


2015q2 seemed slower, but we got a lot of important things accomplished. It was a good quarter.

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