Input status: July 20th, 2014

Note: This is an old post in a blog with a lot of posts. The world has changed, technologies have changed, and I've changed. It's likely this is out of date and not representative. Let me know if you think this is something that needs updating.


This is the status report for development on Input. I publish a status report to the input-dev mailing list every couple of weeks or so covering what was accomplished and by whom and also what I'm focusing on over the next couple of weeks. I sometimes ruminate on some of my concerns. I think one time I told a joke.

Last status report was at the end of June. This status report covers the last few things we landed in 2014q2 as well as everything we've done so far in 2014q3.


Landed and deployed:

  • 6ecd0ce [[bug 1027108]] Change default doc theme to mozilla sphinx (Anna Philips)

  • 070f992 [[bug 1030526]] Add cors; add api feedback get view

  • f6f5bc9 [[bug 1030526]] Explicitly declare publicly-visible fields

  • c243b5d [[bug 1027280]] Add GengoHumanTranslater.translate; cleanup

  • 3c9cdd1 [[bug 1027280]] Add human tests; overhaul Gengo tests

  • ff39543 [[bug 1027280]] Add support for the Gengo sandbox

  • 258c0b5 [[bug 1027280]] Add test for get_balance

  • 44dd8e5 [[bug 1027280]] Implement Gengo Human push_translations

  • 35ae6ec [[bug 1027280]] Clean up API code

  • a7bf90a [[bug 1027280]] Finish pull_translations and tests

  • c9db147 [[bug 1027286]] Gengo translation system status

  • f975f3f [[bug 1027291]] Implement spot Gengo human translation

  • f864b6b [[bug 1027295]] Add translation_sync cron job

  • c58fd44 [[bug 1032226]] en-GB should copyover, too

  • 7480f87 [[bug 1032226]] Tweak the code to be more defensive

  • 7ac1114 [[bug 1032571]] CSRF exempt the API

  • ac856eb [[bug 1032571]] Fix tests to catch csrf issues in the api

  • 74e8e09 [[bug 1032967]] Handle unsupported language pairs

  • 74a409e [[bug 1026503]] First pass at vagrantification

  • a7a440f Continued working on docs; ditched hacking howto

  • 44e702b [[bug 1018727]] Backfill translations

  • 69f9b5b Fix date_end issue

  • e59d4f6 [[bug 1033852]] Better handle unsupported src languages

  • cc3c4d7 Add list of unsupported languages to admin

  • 32e7434 [[bug 1014874]] Fix translate ux

  • 672abba [[bug 1038774]] Hide responses from hidden products

  • e23eca5 Fix a goof in the last commit

  • 6f78e2e [[bug 947767]] Nix authentication for API stuff

  • a9f2179 Fix response view re: non-existent products

  • e4c7c6c [Bug 1030905] fjord feedback api tests for dates (Ian Kronquist)

  • 0d8e024 [[bug 935731]] Add FactoryBoy

  • 646156f Minor fixes to the existing API docs

  • f69b58b [[bug 1033419]] Heartbeat backend prototype

  • f557433 [[bug 1033419]] Add docs for heartbeat posting

Landed, but not deployed:

  • 7c7009b [[bug 935731]] Switch all tests to use FactoryBoy

  • 2351fb5 Generate locales so ubuntu will quite whining (Ian Kronquist)

Current head: 7ea9fc3


At a high level, this is:

  1. Landed automated Gengo human translation and a bunch of minor fixes to make it work more smoothly.

  2. Reworked how we build development environments to use vagrant. This radically simplifies the instructions and should make it a lot easier for contributors to build a development environment. This in turn should lead to more people working on Input.

  3. Fixed a bug where products marked as "hidden" were still showing up in the dashboard.

  4. Implemented a GET API for Input responses. (

  5. Implemented the backend for the Heartbeat prototype. (

  6. Also, I'm fleshing out the Input section in the wiki complete with project plans. (

Over the next two weeks

  1. Continue fleshing out project plans for in-progress projects on the wiki.

  2. Gradient sentiment and product picker work.

What I need help with

  1. We have a new system for setting up development environments. I've tested it on Linux. Ian has, too (pretty sure he's using Linux). We could use some help testing it on Windows and Mac OSX.

Do the instructions work on Windows? Do the instructions work on Mac OSX? Are there important things the instructions don't cover? Is there anything confusing?

  1. I'm changing the way I'm managing Fjord development. All project plans will be codified in the wiki. A rough roadmap of which projects are on the drawing board, in-progress, completed, etc is also on the wiki. I threw together a structure for all of this that I think is good, but it could use some review.

Do these project plans provide useful information? Are there important questions that need answering that the plans do not answer?

If you're interested in helping, let me know! We hang out on #input on and there's the input-dev mailing list.

I think that covers it!

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