Input status: September 12th, 2014

Note: This is an old post in a blog with a lot of posts. The world has changed, technologies have changed, and I've changed. It's likely this is out of date and not representative. Let me know if you think this is something that needs updating.


High-level summary:

  • Updated to ElasticUtils v0.10 which will allow us to upgrade our cluster to Elasticsearch 1.1. I'm working on a fix that'll let us to go to Elasticsearch 1.2, but that hasn't been released, yet.

  • Integrated the spicedham library prototype and set it up to classify abusive Input feedback. It's not working great, but that's entirely to be expected. I'm hoping to spend more time on spicedham and classification in Input in 2014q4. Ian did a great job with laying the foundation! Thank you, Ian!

  • Implemented a data retention policy and automated data purging.

  • Made some changes to the Input feedback GET and POST APIs to clarify things in the docs, fix some edge cases and make it work better for Firefox for Android and Loop.

  • Fixed the date picker in Chrome. Thank you, Ruben!

Landed and deployed:

  • c4e8e34 [[bug 1055520]] Update to ElasticUtils v0.10

  • e023fa4 [[bug 1055520]] Fix two reshape issues post EU 0.10 update

  • f9ba829 [[bug 1055785]] Codify data retention policy

  • 91396a8 Generalize About page text so it works for all products

  • 6fc03bf [[bug 1053863]] Update django to 1.5.9

  • 85709b2 [[bug 1055788]] Implement data purging

  • c0677a1 [[bug 965796]] Add a products update page

  • 121588d [[bug 1057353]] Update django-statsd and pystatsd

  • fe1c740 Add PII-related notes to the API fields

  • f77ecfa [[bug 799562]] Clarify API field documentation

  • c5eec03 [[bug 1055789]] Restrict front page dashboard and api to 6 months

  • 0892546 [[bug 1059826]] Add max_length to url field in API

  • f192f84 [[bug 1057617]] Fix url data validation

  • aad961d [[bug 1030901]] Document Input GET API

  • 2f212c5 [[bug 1015788]] Add flake8 linting

  • d673947 Update coding conventions

  • 27a1b6b Add "maximum" arg to GET API

  • 4f671e4 [[bug 1062436]] Add flags app and Flag model

  • 9d03d4b Fix flake8_lint issues

  • 0411d91 [[bug 1062453]] Add flagged view

  • 56f7e24 [[bug 1062439]] Celery task for classification

  • 7aa2930 [[bug 1062455]] Add spicedham to vendor (Ian Kronquist)

  • 0d90df3 We don't need spicedham under vendor/packages (Ian Kronquist)

  • a2a491d fix [bug 1012965] - Date picker looks broken in chrome (Ruben Vereecken)

  • 0c42213 [[bug 1063825]] Integrate spicedham into fjord

  • 78a2d63 [[bug 1062444]] Initial training data

  • 5ca816e [[bug 1020307]] Prepare for adding gradient to generic form

Current head: 5ca816e

Rough plan for the next two weeks

  1. Working on Dashboards-for-everyone bits. Documenting the GET API. Making it a bit more functional. Writing up some more examples. (

  2. Gradients (

What I need help with

  1. (django) Update to django-rest-framework 2.3.14 (bug #934979) -- I think this is straight-forward. We'll know if it isn't if the tests fail.

  2. (django, cookies, debugging) API response shouldn't create anoncsrf cookie (bug #910691) -- I have no idea what's going on here because I haven't looked into it much.

For details, see our GetInvolved page:

If you're interested in helping, let me know! We hang out on #input on and there's the input-dev mailing list.

Additional thoughts

I've been codifying project plan details on the wiki:

I have no idea who's going to use that information or whether it helps. If you see things that are missing, let me know. It'll help me hone the project management templates I'm using and know which information is important to keep up to date and which information I can let slide until rainy days.

That's it!

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