Input status: February 18th, 2015

Note: This is an old post in a blog with a lot of posts. The world has changed, technologies have changed, and I've changed. It's likely this is out of date and not representative. Let me know if you think this is something that needs updating.

What is it?

The purpose of Input is to collect actionable feedback from our user base across each channel of our software development process. The application collects feedback and offers a set of analysis methods for looking at the resulting data.

Project site.

This is a status post about Input.


High-level summary:

  • Some minor fixes

  • Upgraded to Django 1.7

Thank you to contributors!:

  • Adam Okoye: 1

  • L Guruprasad: 5 (now over 25 commits!)

  • Ricky Rosario: 8

Landed and deployed:

  • 57a540f Rename to something more appropriate

  • 6c360d9 [bug 1129579] Fix user agent parser for firefox for android

  • 0fa7c28 [bug 1093341] Fix gengo warning emails

  • 39f3d25 [bug 1053384] Make the filters visible even when there are no results (L. Guruprasad)

  • 9d009d7 [bug 1130009] Add pyflakes and mccabe to requirements/dev.txt with hashes (L. Guruprasad)

  • 5b5f9b9 [bug 1129085] Infer version for Firefox Dev

  • b0e0447 [bug 1130474] Add sample data for heartbeat

  • 91de653 Update django-celery to master tip. (Ricky Rosario)

  • 6eda058 Update django-nose to v1.3 (Ricky Rosario)

  • f2ba0d0 Fix docs: remove stale note about test_utils. (Ricky Rosario)

  • 3b7811f [bug 1116848] Change thank you page view (Adam Okoye)

  • 8d8ee31 [bug 1053384] Fix selected sad/happy filters not showing up on 0 results (L. Guruprasad)

  • fea60dc [bug 1118765] Upgrade django to 1.7.4 (Ricky Rosario)

  • 7aa9750 [bug 1118765] Replace south with the new django 1.7 migrations. (Ricky Rosario)

  • dcd6acb [bug 1118765] Update db docs for django 1.7 (new migration system) (Ricky Rosario)

  • c55ae2c [bug 1118765] Fake the migrations for the first deploy of 1.7 (Ricky Rosario)

  • 1288d5b [bug 1118765] Fix wsgi file

  • c9a326d [bug 1118765] Run migrations for real during deploy. (Ricky Rosario)

  • f2398c2 Add "migrate --list" to let us know migration status

  • bf8bf4c Split up peep line into multiple commands

  • 0710080 Add a "version" to the jingo requirement so it updates

  • 0d1ca43 [bug 1131664] Quell Django 1.6 warning

  • 7545259 [bug 1131391] update to pep8 1.6.1 (L. Guruprasad)

  • 0fa0aab [bug 1130762] Alerts app, models and modelfactories

  • be95d8e [bug 1130469] Add filter for hb test rows and distinguish them by color (L. Guruprasad)

  • f3abd8e Add help_text for Survey model fields

  • f6ba2a2 Migration for help_text fields in Survey

  • f8cd339 [bug 1133734] Fix waffle cookie thing

  • c8a6805 [bug 1133895] Upgrade grappelli to 2.6.3

Current head: 11aa7a4

Rough plan for the next two weeks

  1. Adam is working on the new Thank You page

  2. I'm working on the Alerts API

  3. I'm working on the implementation work for the Gradient Sentiment project

That's it!

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