Adopt a line of Miro code!

Note: This is an old post in a blog with a lot of posts. The world has changed, technologies have changed, and I've changed. It's likely this is out of date and not representative. Let me know if you think this is something that needs updating.

PCF is the non-profit organization I work for working to build a distribution system for video and audio on the Internet that has no bottlenecks, no filter points, uses open standards, and Free Software.

Most of the software that we write is written in Python. Miro, an Internet video player, is written in Python and runs on a variety of platforms. Miro Guide and Miro LocalTV are both systems that are written in Python using Django. Miro Fullscreen is written in Python using Clutter.

Python has made it possible for a very very small group of us to tackle such a large project with very limited resources.

Earlier this week, we launched our Adopt a Line of Code fundraising campaign to help us fund the work we're doing. No one has ever done a fundraising campaign like this before. We think it could be a good model for other Open Source and Free Software projects to raise funds.

Take a moment to check out the Adoption Center and adopt your very own line of code! Support us in our work to make video open for everyone.

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