Mozilla: 10 years

It's been a long while since I wrote Mozilla: 1 year review. I hit my 10-year "Moziversary" as an employee on September 6th. I was hired in a "doubling" period of Mozilla, so there are a fair number of people who are hitting 10 year anniversaries right now. It's interesting to see that even though we're all at the same company, we had different journeys here.

I started out as a Software Engineer or something like that. Then I was promoted to Senior Software Engineer and then Staff Software Engineer. Then last week, I was promoted to Senior Staff Software Engineer. My role at work over time has changed significantly. It was a weird path to get to where I am now, but that's probably a topic for another post.

I've worked on dozens of projects in a variety of capacities. Here's a handful of the ones that were interesting experiences in one way or another:

  • SUMO ( Mozilla's support site

  • Input: Mozilla's feedback site, user sentiment analysis, and Mozilla's initial experiments with Heartbeat and experiments platforms

  • MDN Web Docs: documentation, tutorials, and such for web standards

  • Mozilla Location Service: Mozilla's device location query system

  • Buildhub and Buildhub2: index for build information

  • Socorro: Mozilla's crash ingestion pipeline for collecting, processing, and analyzing crash reports for Mozilla products

  • Tecken: Mozilla's symbols server for uploading and downloading symbols and also symbolicating stacks

  • Standup: system for reporting and viewing status

  • FirefoxOS: Mozilla's mobile operating system

I also worked on a bunch of libraries and tools:

  • siggen: library for generating crash signatures using the same algorithm that Socorro uses (Python)

  • Everett: configuration library (Python)

  • Markus: metrics client library (Python)

  • Bleach: sanitizer for user-provided text for use in an HTML context (Python)

  • ElasticUtils: Elasticsearch query DSL library (Python)

  • mozilla-django-oidc: OIDC authentication for Django (Python)

  • Puente: convenience library for using gettext strings in Django (Python)

  • crashstats-tools: command line tools for accessing Socorro APIs (Python)

  • rob-bugson: Firefox addon that adds Bugzilla links to GitHub PR pages (JS)

  • paul-mclendahand: tool for combining GitHub PRs into a single branch (Python)

  • Dennis: gettext translated strings linter (Python)

I was a part of things:

I've given a few presentations [1]:

I've left lots of FIXME notes everywhere.

I made some stickers:


"Soloists" sticker (2017)


"Ted maintained this" sticker (2019)

I've worked with a lot of people and created some really warm, wonderful friendships. Some have left Mozilla, but we keep in touch.

I've been to many work weeks, conferences, summits, and all hands trips.

I've gone through a few profile pictures:


Me in 2011


Me in 2013


Me in 2016 (taken by Erik Rose in London)


Me in 2021

I've built a few desks, though my pictures are pretty meagre:


Rough sketch of a standing desk


Standing desk and a stool I built


My current chaos of a desk

I've written lots of blog posts on status, project retrospectives, releases, initiatives, and such. Some of them are fun reads still.

It's been a long 10 years. I wonder if I'll be here for 10 more. It's possible!

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