crashstats-tools v1.0.1 released! cli for Crash Stats.

What is it?

crashstats-tools is a set of command-line tools for working with Crash Stats (

crashstats-tools comes with two commands:

  • supersearch: for performing Crash Stats Super Search queries

  • fetch-data: for fetching raw crash, dumps, and processed crash data for specified crash ids

v1.0.1 released!

I extracted two commands we have in the Socorro local dev environment as a separate Python project. This allows anyone to use those two commands without having to set up a Socorro local dev environment.

The audience for this is pretty limited, but I think it'll help significantly for testing analysis tools.

Say I'm working on an analysis tool that looks at crash report minidump files and does some additional analysis on it. I could use supersearch command to get me a list of crash ids to download data for and the fetch-data command to download the requisite data.

$ mkdir crashdata
$ supersearch --product=Firefox --num=10 | \
    fetch-data --raw --dumps --no-processed crashdata

Then I can run my tools on the dumps in crashdata/upload_file_minidump/.

Be thoughtful about using data

Make sure to use these tools in compliance with our data policy:

Where to go for more

See the project on GitHub which includes a README which contains everything about the project including examples of usage, the issue tracker, and the source code:

Let me know whether this helps you!

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